Friday, March 19, 2010

Play the Hunger Games!

Take the Hunger Games challenge for On the Same Page!

Did you survive last week's challenge? The correct answers were: 1) a. decorating cakes 2) e. sugar berries 3) h. Cato 4) l. nightlock berries 5) o. cherry blossom

Here’s your new challenge:

1) What was Katniss doing the very first time Peeta saw her?
a) Rooting through the rubbish behind his parents’ bakery
b) Standing on a stool and singing
c) Lining up for the first day of school

2) What color robes do the Gamemakers wear?
d) purple
e) gold
f) white

3) Approximately how many people live in District 12?
g) 12,000
h) 8,000
i) 23,000

4) During the reaping, the youngest candidates stand
j) in back of the older candidates
k) in front of the older candidates
l) with their families

5) What is the name of the Hunger Games announcer?
m) Claudius Templesmith
n) Caesar Flickerman
o) Delly Cartwright

Visit next week for the posted answers.
Bring the whole family for Hunger Games Day at the Main Library this Saturday!
Hunger Games Day: Read it, Play it, Survive It!

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