Friday, March 5, 2010

Play the Hunger Games!

Take the Hunger Games challenge for On the Same Page!

Did you survive last week's challenge? The correct answers were: 1) b. The Girl Who is on Fire 2) e. Vespasian 3) g. Careers 4) l. 11 5) m. Cato and Glimmer

Here’s your new challenge:

1) Haymitch’s first gift to Katniss in the arena is
a) water
b) food
c) burn ointment

2) Katniss has to outrun an artificial forest fire during the games. Fire generally travels faster
d) uphill
e) downhill
f) neither

3) Katniss must avoid stings from giant mutant wasps called
g) jibber jabbers
h) tracker jackers
g) jabber jays

4) If you are in danger of being attacked by hornets,
j) run—hornets will not follow you out of their territory
k) slowly cover your face, remain still for a while, then move gradually away
l) make as much noise as possible while keeping your mouth covered

5) In the arena, Katniss loses her hearing because of
m) an explosion
n) dehydration
o) a hand-to-hand combat wound

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